A Little About Me

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Hello, I am Jess, the Satisfied Cook!

I was born in the Sooner State and moved to Florida at age four. I grew up eating cubanos, fresh seafood, and some classic American family meals. As a six year old, I spent six weeks in Germany with my family eating escargot, white asparagus with hollandaise, and food from some dedicated artisanal food vendors. This changed my taste buds forever. Experiencing the foods of cultures other than my own made me curious about the world, therefore I proudly wear the hat of Intrepid Foodie. I call Boise, Idaho my home base for more exploration!

I am inspired by the work of culinary anthropologist, Diana Kennedy. Her efforts for the preservation of the native plants and rare chiles of Mexico and her educational prowess on traditional recipes of Oaxaca expose such a personal, deep-seated dedication and passion that I hope to transpose into my own work somehow. The musings of M.F.K. Fisher and her sentiments towards food, mostly involving all of the senses as an immersive practice, thrill me to the core. Her foresight on culture and gastronomy and the relationship between the two transcended her time. Her foodie experiences in France, tasting an oyster for the first time in boarding school, and a meal of peach pie on the roadside with her father create a thoughtfulness for the past and the lasting impressions of a soulful meal. I am also influenced by the illustrations of Maira Kalman, the paintings and musings of artist, Ashley Longshore, the musical compositions of Esperanza Spalding, the poetry of Maya Angelou, and the business prowess and culinary expertise of Martha Stewart. I have no shortage of strong, creative self-made women pushing me towards my own passions. What a treasure.

I am fueled by those who have gone before me to create thoughtful experiences around the dining table inspire me to share my life with you. To offer you recipes, encourage you to get dirty in the kitchen, and to dig deep for those culinary traditions you want to be ingrained in your family’s memory. I hope that you, too, become satisfied in the process of creating an experience around your table. Food is life and cooking is about more than just making a meal.