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Chicken Liver Mousse and Watermelon Radish

Chicken Liver Mousse and Watermelon Radish

Truffled chicken liver mousse smeared on sourdough that has been toasted in a skilled with olive oil. Oh my indulgence!


After the hustle and bustle of the day, sometimes it’s nice to pickup a few things, make a quick dinner, and still feel like you have created something thoughtful. I ran around town doing errands with a couple of energetic children and I felt spent and incapacitated thinking about making something for dinner.

Luckily, instead of ordering pizza and feeling gross for the next two days, I picked up five ingredients and felt like we still had a thoughtful dinner. Truffled chicken liver mousse, wild yeast sourdough, fresh dill, watermelon radish, and a really good olive oil.

I really love liver and have since I was a kid. My dad occasionally brought fried chicken livers home for dinner and I was hooked to the rich flavor and silky texture. Liver gets a bad rap, but indeed we should probably eat more of it than we do. It is one of the best ways to get riboflavin and it is suggested a lot of our vitamin deficiencies come from poor riboflavin status. I’m not a doctor, so read up on it for yourself. For me, I already like liver so it’s an all around bonus!

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