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Pisco Sours & Finding Hope

Pisco Sours & Finding Hope

I would be lying if I said the news hasn’t made me want to pull my hair out as of late. I’m not even going to go into where I stand on all of things happening because truth be told, it doesn’t really matter what I believe to anybody else but me and what I choose to do with it. I can only be responsible for me. I’m not going to share an article on Facebook and change anybody’s mind by spewing my own opinions or what I deem to be important articles.

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There are several wily beasts gnawing at my sense of security in life, threatening my pursuit of happiness, and clawing at my belief in the power of love. We should all have the chance at these three things but it seems as though there are other intentions at play. And I’m not okay with that. We don’t need more bandaids, we need a makeover. We need an overhaul. The wily beasts need to be turned on their head, their powers stripped. The best way I know to do that is to make a meal for my family and practice inclusivity.

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I believe that the Satisfied Cook has a part to play in providing hope. And I think a lot of that role is centered at the dinner table, helping others cultivate a more sacred space with their family. Cutting out the busy part of the schedule and being together. Finding moments where you can talk about real things. Creating a meal together and having fun with your kids. Experience a culture other than your own. All of these small, impactful things add up and combat the negativity, death, and detrimental changes happening on Earth right now.

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When the news hits me and I feel like the negative waves are overpowering the small ripples of good, I need lots of reminders that all is not lost. I can go downhill pretty fast. After the kids are off to bed, I use that time to make a special treat like a Pisco sour, talk to Ben, or find something encouraging to read or watch. At the end of the day, sometimes it’s nice to have time to bring it all back, remind ourselves that we can all contribute to change by living authentically, vulnerably, and with kindness to others and ourselves. I know that if I can remind myself of these daily and really do my best to live it out, I will find deep satisfaction during my time on this globe.

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So cheers to having a reminder that all is indeed NOT lost and that I, the Satisfied Cook, care about you and your chance at life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Through making meals and creating experiences at the table, I want to invite you into a sacred space of inclusivity. When we begin caring for ourselves and nurturing the needs of our loved ones with a whole mind and a whole body approach, we send out well-balanced people into the world and the ripples of change begin. Cheers to change!

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