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Weeknight Peach & Fig Crumble with Kaffir Dust

Weeknight Peach & Fig Crumble with Kaffir Dust

I have an appetite for life and I need nine lives to do all of the creative projects stewing in my brain. Anyone else born with this affliction? I know I probably won’t have enough time even if I live 100 years (which I fully intend on doing, by the way). I would say that I have been gifted with the affliction of really believing I CAN do it all. I can write a cookbook, a screenplay, run a pop-up dinner in my backyard garden for a few summers, illustrate some children’s stories, travel with my family, drink tea in a Moroccan riad at sunset. It is all possible, to me, and I refuse to believe that I won’t be able to do it all in some capacity. There are complicated diagnoses for this kind of affliction, just don’t put them on me! I don’t want treatment.

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Ben and I have had long conversations about productivity pathways. When I am in the middle of the project involving writing or coming up with a new dish, I might take a break and paint in ink for a couple of hours to allow my brain the space to problem solve. This is mind-boggling to him. Ben is more of a nose-to-the-grindstone kind of guy. He can power through from start to finish, no breaks, no water, like a miraculous little worker camel. I, the fickle amphibian, needing both land and water to thrive. The way we work is miraculous to the other. He always wants to put me on a schedule and I am always telling him to take a break. We have grown to appreciate the different ways in which we work on a project.

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I have always thought that the ways in which I go about creating are wrong somehow. That they pointed to a lack of focus or that possibly my brain was broken somehow. Slowly, over time, I have realized that I am not broken. In order to do all of the many things I want to do, I sometimes have to do several things at once. I have to have three projects up in the air. Painting in ink releases something in my brain that helps me come up with a new dish. Or sketching a funny cartoon inoculates my brain with wording I wouldn’t have otherwise found. There is an ebb and flow in creating and I have decided to stop letting myself feel guilty for taking breaks on projects to work on other ones. If I tap into my intuition, my brain is holding space for all of my ideas I just need to allow myself to weave through them with a little more grace for myself. Yes, working hard and nose-to-the-grindstone on certain projects, but overall I am learning its okay to not do something start to finish in one big, productive swoop. There is no right or wrong way to get a project done.

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My appetite for creating will never be satisfied which is a gift! It means I will always have something to do, a problem to solve, work for my hands and my brain. In this way, I am very pleased to be unsatisfied.

You know what always satisfies me though? This quick little dessert. Again, here I am, using up all these peaches I can’t help but collect this time of year and throwing them into the easiest treat. A perfect indulgence after a busy work week or carpooling children cross-country from soccer practice to chess club. Being a well-rounded person and/or raising well-rounded people requires time and it’s nice to have recipes that afford you more of it. Cheers to a new week, Taste Buds. Allow yourself the grace to be productive in the ways that suit your personality and workflow. At the end of the day, pickup a few ripe peaches, pour some prosecco or some mint tea, and whip up this quick crumble to share or not to share… a Shakespearean conundrum for a Tuesday night.

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Seasonal Fruit Salad in Spicy Watermelon Broth

Seasonal Fruit Salad in Spicy Watermelon Broth